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On Monday, October 29, 2012, Our lives changed forever when Super Storm Sandy aka Hurricane Sandy devastated our communities. This storm took lives, homes, personal property and ruined many happy homes. Beacon of Hope NY Resource Center was started as a results of Sandy, in which we continue to provide helpful information to all victims of Sandy and all the affected community. We will keep staying a resource center and providing helpful information in getting the all of Sandy Victims back home. We will also continue doing events in our community for the Senior Citizens who lost their Friendship Club as a results of Hurricane Sandy. Please watch for important updated information concerning Sandy and FEMA. Beacon of Hope NY Staff is committed on providing and helping all communities affected by Super Storm Sandy aka Hurricane Sandy. 


We would like to thank everyone for the support that have shown to Beacon of Hope NY, that has made this all possible for us to keep given back to our communities! 


Mrs. Deidre Young-Mc Grath


Charity Children Center enjoys broad local support.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


January 2013 – Walk a Mile In Our Shoes

March 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY becomes an Official 5013c organization. 

March 2013 -  Beacon of Hope NY "We Are Staying Signs"!

April 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY Fund Raiser!  We also held a rally for the victims of Sandy. 

May 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY Vehicle Sticker for several affected communities of Staten Island. Beacon of Hope NY Staff went to Several Civic Meetings providing information to the residences. 

June 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY & Where To Turn meeting with local, city, state and federal politicians about abandoned homes, mold, and health concerns.

June 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY and Where To Turn having meetings with NYC Health Department, Mold Specialist Doctor and several politicians about health risk and being exposed to mold. 

July 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY Staff donates building supplies to victims of Sandy and have several more meeting with the politicians about the abandoned properties, mold, FEMA, Insurance companies, city and state programs, 

August 2013 - Rally to save the Seniors New Dorp Beach Friendship Club. Beacon of Hope NY attends Night out Against Crime. Beacon of Hope NY doing beautification of some homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

September 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY and Where To Turn's have a picnic for the senior citizens victims of Sandy. 

October 2013 Beacon of Hope NY & Where To Turn's 1st annual  Senior Halloween Party for our Seniors who lost their Friendship Club. 


November 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY sponsors a Children Workshop event for the children of Sandy.

December 2013 - Beacon of Hope NY donated toys, games and video games to Where to Turns Christmas Toy Store for victims of Sandy. 

January 2014 - Walk in our Shoes rally! 

February 2014  – Beacon of Hope NY, Where To Turn, and New Dorp High School holds Senior Prom Dress give away and  the 1st annual Senior "Senior" Prom! 

March 2014 - Beacon of Hope NY Staff help Where To Turn distribute Prom Dresses for High School Seniors. 


May & June 2014 -  Beacon of Hope NY and 122 Pct. work together on noise complaints in Sandy Affected Area. 

June 2014 - Staff of Beacon of Hope NY helps Where To Turn and 122 PCT in the Graffiti Cleanup! 

June, July & August 2014 - Beacon of Hope NY holds meetings with Civic Leaders, Police Department, Local, City, State, Federal Elected Politicians about abandoned homes, mold, noise complaints, squatters, Build it Back, Rapid Repairs, FEMA, Insurance companies, Flood Insurance Rates and Rebuilding in the Sandy Affected Areas. 

October 2014 - We held our 2nd Annul Halloween Party for the Senior Citizens. 

December 2014 - Beacon of Hope NY and Where To Turn hold a Christmas Party for the Seniors at Crossroads Church. 

April 2015 - Beacon of Hope NY, Where to Turn and New Dorp High School held our 2nd Annual Senior "Senior" Prom. 

July 2015 - Beacon of Hope NY Held a Town Hall meeting at New Dorp High School, we arranged laws from the law firm of  Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams from New Orleans who dealt with Katrina's aftermath with FEMA. To talk to the Super Storm Sandy aka Hurricane Sandy Victims about them re-opening their FEMA Claims. 

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